The Vision

CLTprofileheadshotA Seed of Faith, Christian Lay Ministry  has been called, to share the good news of Christ’s resurrection giving us our freedom from sin, giving us a heart forgiven and a life saved from separation from God.  We do this through our gift as artists.  We have been called to be fishers of men! To help deepen the faith of those who seek Him and defend our faith and the Holy Bible as the true Word of God.  I have had a lifelong fascination with the scriptural passage found in Matthew 13:31-32 and 17:20-21 about the mustard seed.  Christ speaks of the “seed” 3 times in the Gospel of Matthew and I was drawn by the Lord to create tangible, artistic reflections of this humble example Christ uses in story to illustrate how challenged we are at bearing faith in Him who made us and knows us intimately, giving us our strengths and knowing our weaknesses; He who wants us to be His voice, His hands, His light in the world, knowing our faith is so weak and our capacity so limited.  Still He remains faithful to us growing in us a faith deeper and broader than we could hope for! What a phenomenal blessing He gives us!

How merciful God is to allow us to spread His light, and how blessed we are to share this blessing with you, blessed by you as well as we work together to spread His seed in the world!

In His service,

Christine Kemper

A Seed Of Faith Ministries for Christ

Auburn, CA  2011