Project Mustard Seed

A Seed of Faith, a common mustard seed set as a pendant, is a contemplative piece of jewelry, to be worn as a reminder that your heart is the soil for the Seed God has planted in you, our precious Savior Christ Jesus.             

 Your heart is the home for His Love and the soil for His Seed!

Through our faith in Christ, a wellspring grows without limit in our hearts, from this seed…so we can live a life in Him, so changed, where nothing is impossible for us to handle, no obstacle insurmountable, no fear so powerful that we could ever be separated from His love! God blessed me with an incredible dream one night in 2010, from His guidance and inspiration came these pendants.  So many young women were hurting and unable to turn to God out of fear or deep pain and anger.  God wanted to find a way into hearts that were so broken and even broken in His name.  He wanted a symbol that would not provoke hurt but inspire a personal connection to Him as one who He loves us so completely that He desires to use us to grow His love in the world.  The mustard seed is referred to so many places in the Bible referring to faith and personal growth and this is a modern design expression offered to inspire contemplation that is boldly referred to in 1 Corinthians 3:16, proclaiming our hearts as a vessel for the Holy Spirit!

Help us love like only ministry through Christ can! 

 Help your organization raise money for your special events, ministry outreach, or school.  

Contact us  for more information about becoming a “spreader of the seed.”

Suggested donation for the Mustard Seed pendants:

$20.00 for the 1/2″ charm with 18″ silver chain

$25.00 for the 1″ charm with 18″ silver chain 


Mustard Seed Ring, bezel set in sterling silver  Sizes 6/7 $25.00

Your purchase  financially supports the following  Christian organizations: 

Youth For Christ Ministries – Campus Life Gold Country (, CA

A Seed Of Faith Ministries for Christ, CA                                                                                                                                                                          

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May God’s love and grace be with you!